• For all the single ladies (and gents) that fell like they will be #foreveralone I know all you single people out there dread this day as much as I do, but we just finished February and Valentine’s Day is over with – so stop moping… Read
  • Today would have been the 136th birthday of feminist icon, Virginia Woolf. Born in the 20th century to well-connected parents, Woolf had opportunity knocking from the literary and artistic circles of life from a young… Read More
  • The concept of oppression is not one new to Women. Somehow, the pervasive ideas associating the female sex with weakness, emotionality, feeble-mindedness, and other general themes of inferiority have persisted. These chauvinistic ideas have led to an excessive number of institutional and social oppressions. Don’t forget that abuse against women was legally acceptable right into the 20th century, and while somewhat… Read More
  • Imagine you’re anywhere between the ages 5 and 18. You are sitting in class, folding the edges of your paper when teacher calls out and asks you a question. You can’t think over the sound… Read More
  • It’s the start of semester. Your tuition is paid, you’ve got your spiffy new backpack all loaded up with crisp, unblemished notebooks, and you’ve finally figured out where the heck that lecture hall is you’re… Read More
  • Marx is a dominant figure in just about every class in the Social Sciences Department. His theories are regurgitated over and over again, and students are invited to worship at the altar of Communism. But… Read More
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