• Before you write your first exam, take a few moments to take a deep sigh of relief. In the midst of all the chaotic studying and last-minute assignments, it is important to acknowledge the beauty… Read More
  • In this week’s Numerology column, you can use this list to learn about the key traits that you and your friends have based on your life paths. However, numerology characteristics are only around 70% accurate;… Read More
  • Do you really like someone, but you’re unsure of how you should go about talking to them? Or maybe you’re curious about how to maintain a secure relationship with your significant other. Numerology is here… Read More
  • There is a new food movement spreading across the world and Saint John is jumping on the bandwagon. The locavore movement is all about eating locally sourced and produced foods. Several restaurants in the Saint… Read More
  • Numerology 101: Life Advice

    Nobody is perfect, but once we know ourselves well we can strive for perfection. Here are some tips based on numerology, customized for each of the life path’s specific personalities, to help you better yourself.… Read More
  • According to the characteristics of each Life Path, people frequently express themselves by using certain words or other words with similar meanings. Continue reading to find some of your commonly used phrases! To discover your… Read More
  • This week, the SRC election is taking place. Here is your one-stop shop for all the information you need to know. Keep checking back as we will continue to update as voting week continues. The… Read More
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