• The University of New Brunswick will be hosting two public sessions to discuss the university’s first, ongoing development which will ensure to reduce greenhouse gases in the Climate Change Action Plan which will be addressed… Read More
  • How much time per day do we spend exposed to Electro Magnetic Fields while using our phones, laptops, tablets, or televisions? There are many publications detailing the risks that Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) have on our health.… Read More
  • There are so many different people with different beliefs — be it across the world, in one neighborhood or within a family. We all have different views, understandings, and lifestyles. In this fast-paced world today,… Read More
  • Dr. Anne Compton’s up-and-coming book, Afterwork: Essays on Literature and Beauty, will be launched tonight (November 16) at the Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre. The event, hosted by the Department of Humanities and Languages, begins at 7:00PM. Dr. Compton is currently a Writer-In-Residence at UNB Saint… Read
  • “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” – Fredrich Nietzsche Minions. The word immediately procures imagery of the small, overly flamboyant, bespectacled creatures from the depressingly popular Despicable Me series. Granted… Read More
  • On Tuesday, October 24th, author Bruce Meyer visited UNBSJ to read from his collections of poetry and discuss his book, Portraits of Canadian Writers, for the Lorenzo Reading Series. Chock full of lovely verse, laughs, and a lot to learn, Meyer’s reading was a smash… Read
  • The 2017 remake of Stephen King’s classic novel It stormed in to theaters on September 8th, becoming the highest grossing horror movie of all time, bringing in a record breaking $478 million at the box… Read More
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