Shine Day takes over Uptown Saint John

The 50th annual Shine Day in support of Shinerama Saint John brought a large crowd of students to Saint John’s uptown Wednesday.

Shinerama, in support of cystic fibrosis research, draws new students to fundraise around Uptown Saint John, assisted by experienced student volunteers.

“My favourite part of Shinerama is seeing students, volunteers and the community come together and fundraise for such an amazing cause,” says Jayme Dixon, Shine Chair for Saint John. “It really is an extremely inspiring day for all involved.”

In Wednesday’s festivities, students were able to raise $3252.72 for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

The day began with an introduction to Shinerama, delivered by Dixon, as well as a brief pep talk by Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s Saint John chapter President Tiffany Wilson. After this, students divided into their teams and hit the streets of Saint John.

Students hit the streets, shined shoes, performed dances, and chanted in the streets to raise money for the foundation. The winning team received a Goji’s party, while the most creative social media picture won tickets to First Class Bash.

“The opportunity to go out and take part in a fundraising event that happens all across the country is more than just supporting the cause for our first year students, it’s about building friendships and connections that last throughout their time at UNB Saint John and beyond,” says Dixon.

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